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Balance of good and bad bacteria.

One of our most popular Pharmanex products, Nu Biome supports a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria for improved intestinal health.* Containing both pre and post biotics, Nu Biome is a powerful dual-action solution that helps support vital intestinal balance.*

But what does all that mean? Why would you need both post and pre biotics? And does it help with bloating along with digestion? Let’s take a quick look at the answers to these questions.

What are prebiotics, and how do they work?

Essentially, they are specialized nutrients that support the micobes in your gut—especially, the beneficial ones. Just like a healthy fertilizer provides nutrients to help a plant grow, prebiotics are healthy nutrients to help good bacteria thrive. Prebiotics mainly come from dietary fiber from some fruits, vegetables, and grains, but because many people don’t get enough of these special nutrients from their regular diet, supplementation can be beneficial.

What are postbiotics, and how do they work?

Less widely known than prebiotics, postbiotics are unique substances that have been produced by bacteria and have a beneficial effect, even after the bacteria themselves are no longer alive. In Nu Biome, the postbiotic is a heat-treated bacteria (meaning the bacteria is no longer alive) that maintains the beneficial substances produced by the bacteria.

How do prebiotics and postbiotics work together to support your intestinal microbiome?

Prebiotics provide fuel to support the growth and activity of beneficial bacteria. Postbiotics provide compounds that have additional health benefits beyond balancing good and bad bacteria. Both play an important role in supporting your intestinal microbiome, which is why Nu Biome uses a powerful dual-action approach.

Does Nu Biome help with bloating?

Nu Biome does not target bloating directly, but because it supports a healthy gut microbiome and regular bowel movements (when taken daily), it helps to maintain healthy digestion. These benefits can help alleviate some common aspects of digestive discomfort.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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It sounds complicated.

The transcriptome response of astronaut leukocytes to long missions aboard the International Space Station reveals immune modulation.

It sounds complicated, but it’s actually quite simple: when someone travels to space, their immune system weakens rapidly.But at the same time, research shows how flexible human immunity is. The data showed that most of the genes in both groups returned to their initial pre-flight levels very quickly – it took a maximum of one year for them to do so, but in most cases it was even shorter, after a few weeks on average.You don’t need to be an astronaut to understand that there are already many results about gene expression.

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Why I achieved the title of brand representative in 2023.

Many things will change.Do they use it?The answer is yes.It is enough to register on global dating portals and understand with whom you are writing.You write with artificial intelligence, not with the girl in the photo.Never use it like this.He will be with his heart and mind. 40 minutes of audio and you will understand.Become a brand representative by the end of August 2023 or by December 30, 2023.

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Discuss cosmetics if you understand peptides and polyphenols.

2.5 grams is the clinically effective dose of these special peptides. Not all collagen ingredients are created equal, and we
selected a unique source that is clinically effective in small doses.

Tegreen 97® has the antioxidant power of seven cups of tea per capsule and is 99.5% caffeine free.
An experimental study found that Pharmanex® Tegreen 97® may help blood sugar control and body fat burning properties. The findings, which were presented at the American Heart Association’s Sixth Annual Conference in Washington D.C., also reiterated the cell protection benefits of green tea catechins in promoting cardiovascular and brain health.
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of Tegreen 97® in enhancing insulin sensitivity and improving glucose-lipid metabolism. In addition, the research examined the effects of the proprietary green tea supplement in lowering body weight and weight of abdominal fat and inhibiting angiogenesis, which is the formation and differentiation of blood vessels, a key pathological process in the development of abnormal cells. Angiogenesis is hypothesized to play an important role in being overweight.

Tegreen 97® is a proprietary green tea extract containing 97% polyphenols of which 65% are catechins, making it a highly concentrated extract of the antioxidant catechins found naturally in green tea that promote cellular health. Primary benefits of Pharmanex® Tegreen 97® include providing potent antioxidants to defend against free radicals at the cellular level, supporting healthy cell function and helping protect cell structures, including DNA, and augmenting thermogenic effect which increases the body’s metabolic rate.
Other studies on Treen 97, visible results on the skin. Results not in a month. Use monthly for one year.

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Antioxidant network.

Nutritional formula your body needs, including vitamins and minerals, phytonutrients, carotenoids, and support for your entire antioxidant network.


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Two things.

Going to the gym.If you are in fitness, you control the fitness machine.If the iron goes up on the machine, you exhale from your lungs.Add Tegreen 97 to it and get a habit.Training 3 times a week and Tegreen 97 daily.It is not possible to stay where you are today.Time for this habi t, 5-6 months.

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Monsieur N.

Where are the leaders? He was loved and could not be seen at the end . He was bald and fat. He was not a leader of love, more of suffering, but you will learn a lot. How could Napoleon, the man of war and pioneering military strategist, meekly accept being locked up on a storm-lashed rock in the middle of the Atlantic ocean? What system of defence, and thus of attack, can he dream up to loosen his jailers’ grip? it’s about money.


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How to solve your debt.Register for free and find your clients online.You don’t do warehouse, you don’t do product scientific research, you don’t do transport and you don’t need a start investment.Weekly commission for sharing on your account.You are rich when you have time for your children,you have time for yourself in fitness, you invest in your health and you don’t have bank loans and leasing.

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Things under control.

The secret is in the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 in the body. This is the basis of the foundations, the common cause of diseases – inflammation in the body and people don’t know, and the reason is the ratio of those omega. Omega 6 fatty, frying oils. The body cannot produce Omega 3 – fish, nuts, avocado. The problem is that the ratio is supposed to be 1:1 and it is actually 25:1. Trillions of cells to see you don’t have liver disease, you have diseased liver cells.
A cell is fat, water, protein. If the cell is not in order, inflammation and disease begin, which you don’t even know about. But that’s not all, another secret is the lack of polyphenols. What is a polyphenol, it is a family of antioxidants without polyphenols there will be no health. Polyphenol must be incorporated into the cell’s fat and protect the cell,
it is important to understand this and adjust yourself, because the cell lives only 28 days and a new cell will come.
There is cell turnover and you have to set up a system with omegas and polyphenols, for example, through cell turnover, you can change your heart 3 times in your life, you can even change your liver every two years, that’s how fast it is. The third important thing is the lack of D3, because D3 affects thousands of things in your cells.
You need the sun, and when there is not enough sun, you need a way to replenish it in your body.
I’ll come back to fats to omegas. The imbalance of omega 6 and omega 3 is the basis, they create internal inflammation and then cardiovascular diseases, joints, digestive problems, depression, low energy, chronic inflammation goes on in the body and you don’t know anything. . The World Health Organization recommends a ratio of 4:1, the average value in Europe is usually 25:1. And now claims that if you give a ratio of 4:1, you reduce the risk of disease by 70 percent, if you give a ratio of 3:1, that number increases to 90 percent, and if you give a ratio of 2:1, the possibility of the worst disease is excluded.
What is the secret of it all?
A cell has a nucleus and a membrane. In that membrane around the nucleus of the cell there are channels, we call it, and what they do is that they draw nutrients into the nucleus of the cell and pull toxins out of the cell.
Those extracts are actually proteins, and the membrane hardens and nutrients hardly go into the cell and toxins do not go out of the cell, why does the membrane harden? Because there is a bad ratio between omega 6 and omega 3, this is what happened. If the membrane hardens, there is the beginning of ignition and you go to half power.
That is the foundation of the foundations. Get a program for 3 months and correct the omega ratio, add polyphenols and add vitamin D3. End it in the summer with a good vacation.
(text written in the native language, translated using the google translator service).

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EPA and DHA come from krill and fish oil and provide 1,400 mg of omega-3 fatty acids per day.


Tegreen contains a patented green tea extract containing 97% polyphenols, of which 65% are catechins.


Provides 25 mcg (1000 IU) of vitamin D3 per serving.

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