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The secret is in the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 in the body. This is the basis of the foundations, the common cause of diseases – inflammation in the body and people don’t know, and the reason is the ratio of those omega. Omega 6 fatty, frying oils. The body cannot produce Omega 3 – fish, nuts, avocado. The problem is that the ratio is supposed to be 1:1 and it is actually 25:1. Trillions of cells to see you don’t have liver disease, you have diseased liver cells.
A cell is fat, water, protein. If the cell is not in order, inflammation and disease begin, which you don’t even know about. But that’s not all, another secret is the lack of polyphenols. What is a polyphenol, it is a family of antioxidants without polyphenols there will be no health. Polyphenol must be incorporated into the cell’s fat and protect the cell,
it is important to understand this and adjust yourself, because the cell lives only 28 days and a new cell will come.
There is cell turnover and you have to set up a system with omegas and polyphenols, for example, through cell turnover, you can change your heart 3 times in your life, you can even change your liver every two years, that’s how fast it is. The third important thing is the lack of D3, because D3 affects thousands of things in your cells.
You need the sun, and when there is not enough sun, you need a way to replenish it in your body.
I’ll come back to fats to omegas. The imbalance of omega 6 and omega 3 is the basis, they create internal inflammation and then cardiovascular diseases, joints, digestive problems, depression, low energy, chronic inflammation goes on in the body and you don’t know anything. . The World Health Organization recommends a ratio of 4:1, the average value in Europe is usually 25:1. And now claims that if you give a ratio of 4:1, you reduce the risk of disease by 70 percent, if you give a ratio of 3:1, that number increases to 90 percent, and if you give a ratio of 2:1, the possibility of the worst disease is excluded.
What is the secret of it all?
A cell has a nucleus and a membrane. In that membrane around the nucleus of the cell there are channels, we call it, and what they do is that they draw nutrients into the nucleus of the cell and pull toxins out of the cell.
Those extracts are actually proteins, and the membrane hardens and nutrients hardly go into the cell and toxins do not go out of the cell, why does the membrane harden? Because there is a bad ratio between omega 6 and omega 3, this is what happened. If the membrane hardens, there is the beginning of ignition and you go to half power.
That is the foundation of the foundations. Get a program for 3 months and correct the omega ratio, add polyphenols and add vitamin D3. End it in the summer with a good vacation.
(text written in the native language, translated using the google translator service).

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