Spice and medicine.

In Greek mythology, a legend mentions that Zeus slept on a bed of saffron. The Phoenicians already used saffron as a spice and medicine. Even in ancient times, saffron was a luxury item and there were heavy fines for its adulteration or improper mixing. Rich Romans used to sprinkle saffron scars on the bed on their wedding night. In many cultures, it was customary to dye the wedding veil yellow with saffron.Search the history of spices. Photo of original spices from Tunis ancient city of Sousse Medina See , also: Medina of Sousse, Tunisia. Medina of Sousse surrounded by its city walls and fortifications, is of historical interest. The medina includes open and covered bazaars (souks). Buildings of historical interest include the ribat castle, the central mosque, and a historical museum in the Casbah with mosaics from the area’s many Roman villas. The Carthaginian catacombs can be visited.You will experience the sale of spices, as in the time of Jesus.It was a long price negotiation.Historically, they know the price of spices.

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