Oxygen transport in the body and the immune system.

Citation and sharing : STANDARDIZED GINKGO BILOBA EXTRACT,A Scientific Product Review by Michael Chang, Ph.D.
“Natural Dietary Supplement for the Maintenance of Healthy
Cognitive Performance and Circulatory Health.*“BioGinkgo 27/7 Extra Strength is a dietarysupplement being sold by Pharmanex as a advanced concentration and memory formula, to stimulate memory and concentration, and to promote circulation to the brain, arms, and legs. This is an educational publication provided to help licensed healthcare practitioners understand the science upon which BioGinkgo 27/7 isbased and the mechanism of action by which BioGinkgo 27/7 works.” Research conducted by Pharmanex reveals that con centrations of active components in Ginkgo biloba leaves can vary by as much as 300% depending on location, season
and method of harvest. To ensure the best quality and consistency of finished product, Pharmanex employs onsite harvest management and testing so that only fresh, clean leaves of the highest quality are procured. BioGinkgo 27/7 is manufactured to GMP’s (Good Manufacturing Practice’s) standards using a proprietary 23-step extraction and washing process requiring approximately 50 pounds of leaves to yield just one pound of extract. Active components of each batch are stringently analyzed by HPLC to control the concentrations of flavonoid glycosides (as measured by the percentage of kaempferol, quercetin and isorhamnetin content) and terpene lactones (as measured by the percentage of ginkgolide A, B, C, and bilobalide content). Furthermore, each batch is then tested against fifteen additional quality criteria includingn heavy metal and residue solvent, ginkgolic acid and microbial content.” Moreover, the addition of Iron supports the production of red blood cells and has a beneficial effect on normal oxygen transport in the body and on the immune system.

In food, iron can be found in products from animal and vegetable origin such as meat, fish, chicken, whole grain products, nuts and green vegetables (spinach). Iron is an essential mineral for several functions. In humans, iron is found in hemoglobin, which allows it to bind oxygen reversibly. Haemoglobin transports oxygen in the red blood cells to the tissues. Another role of iron is in the normal energy yielding process, also known as ATP, and in the body’s immune response. As all essential nutrients, iron is needed for cell division.Iron is involved in important metabolic functions, including used for oxygen transport of our whole body as well as the energy metabolism. In other words it plays a role in carrying oxygen to our cells so it contributes to the reduction of tiredness and affects the energy metabolism.Ginkgo biloba is the oldest known living tree species and can be traced back more than 200 million years. The first traditional use of Ginkgo was mentioned in 2800 B.C. Today, Ginkgo biloba can be found as a botanical ingredient in food supplements.


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