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Inclusion in the Join our Ambassador Program.
The Velocity Program is our affiliate program for Pharmanex and Nu Skin. As an ambassador, you’ll be an active part of our business growth while helping us spread the voice about our products. For every order you can make real money. Read the blog.

Our difference is demonstrated through our opportunity.
Partnering with Nu Skin as a Brand Affiliate is an opportunity rich with potential. The Nu Skin brand is synonymous with quality, innovation and demonstrating our unique difference.
Joining the Nu Skin team allows you to advance your business by selling clinically proven products that are different from anything else on the market.
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Sponsoring Distributor ID: SK5500064 Sponsoring Distributor’s Name Alexander Vasko

(BRAND AFFILIATE AND SELLER AGREEMENT (BAA), POLICIES AND PROCEDURES (P&P) and VELOCITY SALES COMPENSATION PLAN (VSCP) IMPORTANT CONTRACT INFORMATION – PLEASE READ To become a Nu Skin Brand Affiliate, you must agree to all the terms and conditions set out in the BAA (by clicking here, the P&P (by clicking here) and the VSCP (by clicking here) The BAA and the P&P set out your rights and obligations as a Brand Affiliate of Nu Skin. The VSCP outlines all aspects of the sales productivity and the compensation process. Please read carefully these documents in their entirety before proceeding. Please note that the BAA is entered into for an indefinite duration. You may terminate it at any time by sending a signed written notice of termination to Nu Skin (please refer to section 3.9, Chapter 6 of the P&P for more information))


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